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Types of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Deciding to purchase Tungsten Wedding Bands is one of the most important decisions in your Wedding Planning process. Increasingly more people are making this decision nowadays. One of the most desirable things about our selection is the many options you have to choose from.

When you think of Gold Wedding Bands, you don’t think of many options or styles available. You think of all the typical, fairly plain gold wedding bands. Nothing really sets many of them apart from the next one. This is where our Tungsten Wedding Rings really stand out.

Our more classic styles fit the mold of what typical wedding bands have looked like over the years. The plain solid style that has been seen as a traditional style for decades. Whether you like a rounded look, or the flat types, we have them both! Our Tungsten Diamond Rings can’t be denied either! Keeping up with the more traditional feel, yet adding a Diamond, or maybe a few, will be sure to be a long lasting representation of your love for one another.

Want to spice things up a bit? Look for our Faceted Rings. Faceted Rings really add some flare to the rings and help reflect light tastefully so as to catch the eye of anyone in the room. Our Oracle and Olympus keep it on the more modest end, while styles like the Prism have much more flare.

Our selection of Black Tungsten is one with increasing popularity among Wedding Bands. They provide a one of a kind look that is more of a representation of a Modern couple of today, with an elegant look and undeniable shine!

Most of these styles can also come with Inlays. Mix a bit of the new trend with the old traditions and there you have our popular Tungsten Rings with Inlays! Our wide selection of the above mentioned styles can also come Grooved, and Brushed.

Choices and options have always made our customers find something here that represents their individuality. We are sure you can too!

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Can’t beat that!! Happy Holidays!



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More than just tungsten rings.

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Our vast selection of tungsten carbide ring styles shows our willingness and ability to please many tastes. Our variety doesn’t stop with our rings. Our tungsten watches are a great gift for yourself or a loved one. We carry them in both men’s and women’s sizes for both him and her. Next on the list is our nearly indestructible tungsten bracelets. These bracelets are the result of beauty and function rolled into one, and with the classic tungsten high gloss finish and also come in black tungsten. We also have gorgeous pendants for men and women which can represent a sense of commitment and integrity in a relationship. Our pendants boast flawless features and use carbon fiber, crosses, and diamonds among other details to set themselves apart from just any old pendants. The line of accessories is rounded out by our keychains. These virtually indestructible yet stylishly polished keychains compliment any of our other products or your tungsten rings nicely. Check our some of the popular types of tungsten rings. Your keys will have never felt so safe and secure!!

Check out all these items in detail on our website.


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