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Tungsten Ring Madness

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the NCAA Tournament’s first week costs U.S. employers “$1.2 billion for every unproductive hour.”

Here at Tungsten World, we say that’s just “Madness!” We love the NCAA Tournament so much, we got in the spirit by holding a bracket of our own this March.

Introducing the Tungsten Tournmanet 2014:

We’re pitting eight of our most popular tungsten wedding bands styles against one another in a showdown to determine the Tungsten Ring of the Year. Running on the Tungsten World Facebook and Tungsten World Google Plus accounts, tungsten ring fans will have until April 4th to vote for their favorite. The winning tungsten ring will be rewarding its supporters with a special $50 off week-long price.

All customers that vote will receive $35 off their next order at Tungsten World and are encouraged to share the Tungsten Tournament bracket with their friends on Facebook and Google Plus. One lucky “sharer” will be selected to receive a free tungsten pendant prize.

Vote now, vote often!



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Iron Man’s Armor

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Iron Man 3 Poster
The much anticipated 3rd installment in the Iron Man saga is coming soon to a theater near you! Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy philanthropist turned super hero via state of the art military exoskeleton. The villain for Iron Man 3 is none other than the Mandarin, one of Iron Man’s recurring arch-nemesis. Played by Ben Kingsley, the Mandarin will prove to be one of Iron Man’s fiercest foes.

Apart from the jaw-dropping trailer and the excitement of the Mandarin finally making his movie debut, the highlights also lie in the many glimpses of Iron Man suits this movie will offer. From different colorways and sizes, the new Iron Man suits are said to play a vital part in the upcoming blockbuster hit.

Iron Man Suits
While an army of Iron Man suits battling for supremacy has every tech junkie and Marvel Comics fan gushing with excitement, an even bigger question arises: Is such technology possible? And if so, what would be the materials used to give a human being flight, superhuman strength, repulsor blasts, and even space travel? While much of the technological needs for such feats is still being researched, there are some feats that can be accomplished with today’s technology. For instance, the materials needed for an exoskeleton armor to launch from Earth into outer space can be accomplished thanks to tungsten carbide. Because of its high melting point, a coat of tungsten carbide allows rockets to burn enough fuel and generate enough of power to blast from the ground and out of the atmosphere. Without it, the fire burning would melt not just the burners, but the ship itself.

Cost of being Iron Man
This could also be applied to Iron Man’s rockets within his feet, hands, and back (depending on which armor, of course). In order for Iron Man to break the sound barrier, his rockets would have to burn at super high temperatures, temperatures that only tungsten carbide would be able to withstand. Tungsten is still the hardest alloy with the highest melting point (5198 degrees Fahrenheit). Iron Man would also find much use for tungsten as a coating for his armor, since it ranks 2nd to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Hercules Tungsten Ring with Gold Inlay

The technology that could be used in Iron Man’s armor is useful in today’s everyday life. As jewelry, tungsten carbide is a fine choice, especially for those who serve their families and their country. Because it is so scratch resistant, tungsten rings are a great alternative wedding band for individuals with jobs where they are constantly using their hands. The affordable price point also makes it a great option for those looking to save for their big day. And the lifetime warranty that we offer here at Tungsten World makes it a superb ring to buy without the hassle and worry.

Although we may not see exoskeleton armor like Iron Man’s for another 50 years in reality, Iron Man 3 will still strike wonder and inspiration for mankind to draw towards that goal in the future. In the meantime, we can use state of the art technology and metals to assist us in our everyday lives and well-being.

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Breaking Barriers and Setting Standards

Monday, April 15th, 2013

More than 60 years ago, in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the racial color barrier and debuted as an African American Brooklyn Dodger. His story has been told countless times, but last weekend’s box office opening for the movie ‚Äú42‚Äù was a grand slam. The Jackie Robinson movie features veteran actor Harrison Ford and John McGinley, along with familiar faces Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie. In honor of Jackie Robinson, the MLB has set April 15th as Jackie Robinson Day, where all players on both teams wear the number 42 (which has been retired league-wide, the 1st of which to have been done in all sports).

Jackie Robinson’s legacy is one in which barriers were broken and a new age of standards were being set. Here at Tungsten World, we love to here stories of groundbreaking events that change the course of history. Though tungsten carbide has been used in light bulbs since the 1920s, it has only been applied to jewelry within the last 10 years. Rings made of tungsten carbide had many realistic advantages (such as resistance to scratches and permanent polish), but its acceptance to buyers was met with skepticism due to emotional attachments towards traditional metals. Gold and silver dominated the ring and wedding band industry, and continues to be one of the most sought after rings for jewelry gifts and newlyweds.

But as time went on, more and more jewelry customers began to see the usefulness of tungsten rings. The draw of a long lasting ring appealed to many in physical labor jobs, and the affordable price point made it a no brainer for couples trying to save as much as possible for their wedding day. Rings made of tungsten carbide are being slipped onto the fingers of more and more jewelry enthusiasts and married couples everyday and is widely accepted across the jewelry industry as a leading modern precious metal.

If you have your reservations against anything that hasn’t been around for long or isn’t popular to the masses, just remember this: Jackie Robinson changed history because he was able to help the Dodgers win despite the racism and hate surrounding blacks competing with whites. The same goes for tungsten jewelry: if it’s beautifully crafted, can help you save a hefty amount of cash, AND last you a lifetime, it should be worn as jewelry!

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Don’t Be Fooled This April!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

On April 1st, it’s hard to trust anybody. That is, of course, if you forget that it’s April Fool’s Day. Then you just believe every crazy story that pops up in your Facebook feed, like your friend who posts a picture of his newly purchased Dodge Viper, or the girl who says she has a date with Justin Bieber. These stories are just too good to be true, and even when it’s not an April Fool’s joke, one has to question its authenticity.

Many people think that tungsten rings are too good to be true as well. A metal that can withstand any surface and be scratch free for a fraction of the price? It definitely sounds like a scientist’s kind of prank. But the honest truth is that it’s real. Tungsten carbide is the 2nd hardest mineral known to man (right after diamonds), and its appeal also lies in its affordability. Most consumers would think that a precious metal with these features would cost much more, but the fact is that tungsten wedding bands can cost 60% less than traditional metal rings, such as white gold or platinum.

This spring, don’t be fooled by stories told by word of mouth. If your wedding ceremony is coming up and you are still in need of a particular wedding band for your and/or your significant other, make sure to visit our vast collection of beautiful rings in tungsten and cobalt styles It will be hard to believe but rest assured, this is NOT an April Fools prank! Tungsten rings are the real deal!


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Duck Dynasty, Lost Wedding Rings and Camo

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Last night’s Duck Dynasty episode had a bit of a wedding ring flavor to it and it got us thinking.

In the episode, Jase and his wife are in the jewelry store searching for a wedding ring for Jase. No, they aren’t just about to be married or even just married, he’d actually lost his ring years ago! After nearly 20 years without a wedding band on, Missy finally put her foot down and told Jase he had to get a ring.

We hear stories like this all the time. First, we’re always getting calls about lost wedding rings. Guys, you’ve got to be sure to get the best size for you wedding ring or else accidents will happen. And second, like Jase, we get many calls from guys not wanting to wear a wedding band because it’s “too shiny” or they “don’t like jewelry.” That’s fair enough but like Missy, your wife will eventually put her foot down and you don’t want to have to go the tattoo route that Willie almost convinced Jase to take.

In the end guys, you really have no excuse for not having a wedding band on. Before now, guys rings were usually modeled on ladies bands. So, its understandable why men in the past felt awkward wearing wedding bands. But now, with tungsten wedding rings and other rugged bands engineered specifically for guys tastes and their activities, there is definitely a wedding ring out there for you.

The Duck Dynasty guys got us thinking about what kind of wedding rings they might be perfect for. Naturally, as a family outfitted head to toe in camouflage almost 24/7, we immediately thought of our line of camo wedding bands. Jase may not have wanted something “too shiny” but we don’t think he’d argue with a black camo wedding ring that would blend right in while he is out hunting.

Have you lost your wedding ring and needed to replace it? Or is the ring you have now not manly enough? We want to hear from you.


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Rose Gold Blooms in Spring!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

It’s spring time! Which also means that it’s allergy season. Pollen is in the air from all the flowers that have sprung. But what else is in the air? It seems that couples are tying the knot left and right! Why is it that people seem to fall in love and take the plunge more often in the spring?

Scientifically speaking, it’s because of dopamine. Many educational and scientific articles state that spring allows more dopamine to be produced than in other seasons. Dopamine is responsible for reward-drive learning and a trigger for wanting new experiences. In spring, everything is new compared to winter: new colors, new smells, more outside activities, and even seeing more skin. This triggers the desire for more dopamine, which also gives us a good indicator as to why spring is regarded as the season of love (or at least first and new loves).

The season of love also happens to be wedding season. With the snow melting away and plant life reviving itself into bloom, spring is the perfect time for couples to hold their ceremonies and receptions. The weather is beautiful and guests are generally more available due to spring and summer break, as well as holidays. Gorgeous scenery deserves equally gorgeous decor and jewelry, specifically, rose gold.

Rose gold jewelry is rising in popularity within the fashion and wedding industry. Its unique color and shine make it one of the most sought after precious metals for spring weddings. Rose gold is widely used as an accent color for jewelry, such as this stunning tungsten ring with rose gold and silver inlay.

Rose gold can also be a flattering jewelry option for brides walking down the aisle. A small necklace with a rose gold hearts adds a nice touch of elegance to any dress.

This spring, whether you find yourself feeling all giddy inside saying I do or just contemplating where to plan your 1st date, remember that it’s probably the dopamine from all of Spring’s magical effects. Either way, make the best of the most enjoyable season of the year while looking good!

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The Perfect Valentine’s Gift: Time

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Ah, Valentine’s Day: A day where men show their unconditional love for their better half by shelling out money to buy precious gifts like jewelry, overpriced roses, chocolates, fancy dinners, and extravagant getaways. What recipient wouldn’t want to be spoiled with these gifts? According to recent polls, women rated fancy gifts fairly low and would rather spend more time with their love. Even among young girls and newly weds, the dollar amount a man spends on a gift isn’t very important, but rather the amount of time he spent making or choosing the gift.

At Tungsten World, we understand that not every gift needs to be the flashiest or the most expensive. It just needs to be from the heart. Rather than just get her any ring or necklace, why not personalize it with your anniversary or an inside joke? All of our tungsten and cobalt rings come with a laser engraving option, along with select pendant necklaces. New jewelry is always nice, but personalized jewelry is even better!

If you literally need a gift connected to time, then a watch is the perfect option. The watch is the least common gift men give to women, but can be perceived as a thoughtful one if given for the first time. The beautiful selection of watches at Tungsten World come in various designs and materials, such as tungsten, ceramic, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. Best part is that they are affordable jewelry, so you’ll have some money left over for the actual dinner and festivities.

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What Kind of Ring Should a Woman Propose With To a Man?

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Monica proposes to Chandler on the hit TV show Friends

Any casual Friends fan can remember this moment in TV land: Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing, who had been dating for some time, finally tied the knot one fateful season finale after a slew of mishaps and drama hindered Chandler’s original plan to propose. At the end of the two-part episode, Chandler is tricked into believing that Monica has gone away to think about her relationship with him, and instead finds her inside their apartment with dozens of candles lit. Monica gets down on one knee and begins to propose but can’t finish because she gets choked up on her own tears. Chandler gets down with her and says a choked up speech of his own, asks her to marry him, and the crowd goes wild!

But did you notice? Monica didn’t have a ring for Chandler. We can only assume that she didn’t have a ring because she knew he had one (i.e. Joey’s involvement). But what kind of ring would she have proposed with if she didn’t know? Or even better, would she have proposed with a ring at all?

There are some who say a woman should have a diamond engagement ring ready for her groom to be, a ‚Äúmangagement‚Äù ring. Some men are open to the idea of wearing diamond rings, where as others see diamonds (especially on rings) reserved for females. For these men, women may opt to propose with a wedding ring that would be intended for the ceremony’s bands.

Whatever the case maybe, Tungsten World offers exceptional wedding bands for men with and without diamonds. Tungsten rings are quickly becoming a popular choice for men’s wedding bands due to their scratch resistance and affordability. Add laser etched designs and a couple of diamonds, and you have some the most unique wedding rings to choose from!

If your man wants a ring with the works, this is it! The Bismarck features 8 diamond stones inserted throughout the platinum inlay of this gorgeous tungsten ring.

Want to show off your dark side? Or just want to stand out from the crowd? A black tungsten ring will be a sure hit on your fiance’s finger.

A camo ring for your military hero! A laser etched camo design encases this tungsten ring for an amazing look like no other.

One of our many precious metal inlay rings, the Halo features a gold inlay strip highlighted by raised grooves along the ring’s sides.

Or if your man prefers to keep it simple yet classy, the classic Moderno tungsten ring is the one you seek.

Check out Tungsten World for more information on these rings and other available designs!


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Did You Know…. The Many Uses of Tungsten

Friday, August 31st, 2012

How did you first hear of tungsten? Maybe a friend or a co-worker swore by their tungsten wedding bands and their durability. Or your significant other asked for tungsten rings specifically as their wedding band. You might have even seen a nice pair of carbon fiber tungsten cufflinks at a meeting in the office.

In the wedding and jewelry industries, tungsten has garnered a reputation as the most durable alternative metal. Tungsten is now synonymous with forever wedding bands. But you might be surprised at how many other things tungsten has been utilized in, and for quite some time! Don’t forget, tungsten has been a known element for over 200 years.

The History of Tungsten

Here are a few things you may not know that have benefited from the use of tungsten:

Light Bulb
Light Bulbs: When Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, he went through many types of filaments before settling on tungsten as the longest lasting for his new invention. Many bulbs today still use tungsten filaments over 100 years later.

Tungsten Iridium Sunglasses
Sunglasses: Yup, your shades could have tungsten in the lenses. Sunglass experts like Oakley have been using tungsten iridium lenses to perfect the polarized lenses in sunglasses. Need a pair to cut down the glare of your tungsten wedding rings’ high polish shine? Try these tungsten iridium lenses.

Tungsten Drill Bits
Tungsten Drill Bits: Builders have been using tungsten in their drill bits for years. The hardness of tungsten is simply unparalleled and great for all kinds of practical uses on the job site.

Race Car Ballast: NASCAR and Formula One have both used tungsten as weight and balance for their high performance vehicles. Now you can tell your friends with confidence that your tungsten ring is a high performance wedding band.


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Should She Pick Her Engagement Ring?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

So, you’re thinking about popping the question. Yes, THE question.

Now, you’re ring shopping with literally thousands of engagement rings styles to choose from and wondering which ring she will like best. After all, this is the ring you’ll be proposing to her with, it’s got to be perfect. And you know that. Problem is, so does she.

While you’ve just started shopping for that engagement ring, she’s had the engagement ring of her dreams in mind for quite some time. With this in mind, should you be letting her pick her engagement ring?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to this idea:

– You can’t go wrong with style having her pick
– She’ll be happy you included her and brag to her friends
– Since she picked, you know she’ll be proud to wear the ring


– If she picks you’re budget could be out the window
– It won’t be a surprise

You know your own situation the best, so pick which works best for you. More and more men are allowing their loved one to come shopping for her engagement band with them. Will you be one of them?
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