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Lent 2013: Don’t Give Up Quality

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

You know what Lent means: Ashes on people’s foreheads, Facebook posts about people giving up meat for their 40 days of fasting, and Filet-O-Fish Fridays at the Golden Arches. We know it’s hard to give up something that you’re used to. During Lent, believers prepare themselves to observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through prayer, penance, and self-denial. Certain luxuries are given up, such as eating a certain food (beef, chicken, pork) or engaging in a certain activity (shopping, playing video games).

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t give up for your lent fasting, it’s quality. For nourishment, the absence of meat makes it much harder to go to your favorite fast food chain. In this case, home cooked meals filled with vegetables and fruits will not only fit within your boundaries, but will also give your body healthy, quality nutrition that it so desperately needs. For fashion, some people give up wearing gold and diamonds, and wear copper and silver-colored jewelry only during lent instead. Although all other precious metals are seen as a step down in value from gold and diamonds, there is no need to think that quality does not exist outside of them. Tungsten carbide jewelry, for instance, presents a startling case for quality among precious metals. Tungsten rings have the durable, scratch resistant shine that most men and women cannot find in more traditional materials. Add in fashionable designs, affordable prices, and Tungsten World’s Lifetime Replacement Program, and you have a recipe for quality that is hard to beat. Need some proof? Exhibit A:

The Centurion: A round, tungsten carbide ring with a masterfully crafted argentium silver inlay inserted in. Simplicity meets complexity, all at a price that beckons curiosity ($399 at, more than $150 cheaper than other retailers). Need more proof? Exhibit B:

The Illusion: An unusual yet finely engraved tungsten ring. Though puzzling in design, the $199 price tag requires no second thought.

Next year, when you start to wonder what to give up for lent, remember what not to deprive yourself of: Quality.

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Rings For Your Ear Too!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

If you’ve shopped here at Tungsten World before, then you’ve probably seen that most of our products were rings that you wear on your finger (especially for marriage). While all of our rings are made from high quality materials, our products for men greatly outnumbered our products for women. We’ve decided to even out the playing field with new accessories for women, including our newest line of earrings!

Don’t worry about the heaviness of tungsten weighing your ear lobes down. All of our earrings are made with stainless steel and come in many different designs and finishes. Our Dazzle earrings have an interlocking heart shape design with a rose gold finish. At $59, it makes a great present with some money left to spare for other romantic gifts!

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One of our more unique earrings comes in the form of KISS: dangling Butterfly earrings with a gold plated finish and solitaire cubic zirconium. Not only does it look amazing, but the price is incredibly affordable at $39.

You can view the complete stainless steel earrings collection here, as well as other high quality jewelry accessories, such as bracelets and pendants.


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What Kind of Ring Should a Woman Propose With To a Man?

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Monica proposes to Chandler on the hit TV show Friends

Any casual Friends fan can remember this moment in TV land: Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing, who had been dating for some time, finally tied the knot one fateful season finale after a slew of mishaps and drama hindered Chandler’s original plan to propose. At the end of the two-part episode, Chandler is tricked into believing that Monica has gone away to think about her relationship with him, and instead finds her inside their apartment with dozens of candles lit. Monica gets down on one knee and begins to propose but can’t finish because she gets choked up on her own tears. Chandler gets down with her and says a choked up speech of his own, asks her to marry him, and the crowd goes wild!

But did you notice? Monica didn’t have a ring for Chandler. We can only assume that she didn’t have a ring because she knew he had one (i.e. Joey’s involvement). But what kind of ring would she have proposed with if she didn’t know? Or even better, would she have proposed with a ring at all?

There are some who say a woman should have a diamond engagement ring ready for her groom to be, a ‚Äúmangagement‚Äù ring. Some men are open to the idea of wearing diamond rings, where as others see diamonds (especially on rings) reserved for females. For these men, women may opt to propose with a wedding ring that would be intended for the ceremony’s bands.

Whatever the case maybe, Tungsten World offers exceptional wedding bands for men with and without diamonds. Tungsten rings are quickly becoming a popular choice for men’s wedding bands due to their scratch resistance and affordability. Add laser etched designs and a couple of diamonds, and you have some the most unique wedding rings to choose from!

If your man wants a ring with the works, this is it! The Bismarck features 8 diamond stones inserted throughout the platinum inlay of this gorgeous tungsten ring.

Want to show off your dark side? Or just want to stand out from the crowd? A black tungsten ring will be a sure hit on your fiance’s finger.

A camo ring for your military hero! A laser etched camo design encases this tungsten ring for an amazing look like no other.

One of our many precious metal inlay rings, the Halo features a gold inlay strip highlighted by raised grooves along the ring’s sides.

Or if your man prefers to keep it simple yet classy, the classic Moderno tungsten ring is the one you seek.

Check out Tungsten World for more information on these rings and other available designs!


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10 Must-haves for a Groom on the Big Day

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Here’s a fun one for your Monday. We put together a list of the 10 must-haves for a groom on his wedding day. Some are absolutely essential, some are no-brainers, and some are just funny.

Did you remember these on your big day?

10. Dress Socks– Leave the white athletic socks at home, guys. Those white cotton socks are not going to look good with your tux. Trust us.

9. Watch– Don’t be late on your wedding day!

8. Directions– Sure you picked out the venue, but with the hundreds of things on your mind on your wedding day, a set of directions just in case might be prudent.

7. Tie– Whether it’s a bow tie or traditional tie, we know you hate wearing them and you’re going to only put it on at the very last minute. Just be sure you have it with you. Running home to get it before the ceremony starts would be no fun.

6. Bride’s gift– It’s traditional for bride and groom to exchange gifts before the wedding. We recommend something she can wear during the wedding like a tungsten heart pendant, but whatever you decide to get for her, don’t forget it. And wrap it nicely, too!

Tungsten Heart Pendant

5. Cellphone– You never leave home without it anyways, right? Just be sure it’s off during the ceremony.

4. Vows– Especially if you wrote your own, a few note cards will fit nicely in your pocket and there’s no shame taking them out of you need them.

3. Deodorant– You don’t want to sweat through your tux and after the long night you’ll spend dancing after the ceremony, your bride will thank you.

2. Groomsmen Gifts– Another tradition, get the guys backing you up something nice to wear as a thank you. Watches are a classy gift or even matching cufflinks for them to wear during the ceremony.

1. The Wedding Rings– A million and one things on your mind and you forget the wedding rings? Don’t be that groom. You and your bride are the stars of the day, but your durable tungsten wedding bands are the symbol that seals the deal.

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The Tungsten World Family is Growing

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We definitely enjoyed a much needed day off, but now it is back to work because the wedding season is so close! And is anticipating one of the biggest wedding seasons to date.

With the higher amount of durable wedding bands in tungsten and cobalt chrome going out this summer, we’ve added two new positions at Tungsten World to keep up with the needs of all the future brides and grooms out there. We’re excited to help more people than ever before and to have two great new members of our company. We look forward to them helping out with your questions and giving you the best advice and service when it comes to tungsten wedding bands and cobalt rings.

For more info on our new assistant operations manager and internet marketing assistant, and their duties, have a look at our press release announcing their hiring below:


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Helping You Decide: Tungsten vs. Titanium

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Lightweight or heavy metal? High polish finish or a bit of a subdued look? Tungsten or titanium?

If you are in the market for durable men’s wedding bands, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions over and over. With so much talk about all the different alternative metals available, you might be swimming in a sea of information and wondering if you can get the answers you are looking for.

Our Resource Pages were created exactly for this reason, and our “vs.” series of info pages on is your one-stop shop for all the tungsten carbide and titanium comparisons you’ll need to pick out the wedding ring that’s right for you:

So if you can’t tell tungsten apart from titanium or just need a bit of help with sizing, don’t forget to take a look at the many topics we’ve compiled HERE!


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Cobalt vs. Tungsten Rings

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Cobalt Ring

Cobalt Ring

Tungsten Ring

Tungsten Ring

With so many durable wedding bands to choose from at, your perfect wedding band is not too far away. But you may be wondering just how cobalt varies from tunsten carbide and vice-versa.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our most popular resource page is one of the first in our “vs.” series: Cobalt vs. Tungsten Rings.

On the page, we take you through all the similarities and differences between these two space-age metals including their hardness, style variation and even differences in coloring. So, if you’re between which durable wedding band to choose, cobalt or tungsten, be sure to check out our resource page today. Once there, you can even learn about the comfort fit sizing of all our rings and get engraving ideas for your new wedding bands.


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Tungsten World on Google+: Circle Us!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

You’ve already “liked” us on Facebook, and retweeted us on Twitter, but now you can be part of our Tungsten World circle on Google+!

Click to view our Google+ Page:

We love being in constant contact with our customers, whether it’s through our website, blog, Facebook or Twitter, and now Google+ gives us another way to talk about the amazing durability and style of our tungsten wedding bands and tungsten rings. And just like our other social media outlets, we’ll be providing people in our Google+ circle with great wedding tips and articles, ring ideas, and more. So if you haven’t already, make Tungsten World part of your circle on Google+.

And if you don’t have Google+, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to join and there’s great people and loads of great info to keep you up to date on any of your interests there. Not to mention, the great deals Tungsten World will post through out the year.


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Guess We’re Not the Only Ones Talking About Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The buzz is everywhere for men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands, and not just at

We came across two great blogs with mentions of tungsten carbide wedding bands and tungsten rings. But don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself:


It’s great to see people picking up on the benefits of tungsten rings, let’s keep spreading the word!

Tungsten Carbide Ring Collection


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NEW!!! Lots of New Tungsten Rings on the Site!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

If you haven’t already, get over to and check out the newest in tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands up on the site! New styles include: two-tone ceramic and tungsten rings, new colors of tungsten carbon fiber rings, black diamond rings, and even an amazing new women’s tungsten ring, the BELLA.

Not to mention, we’ve even added tungsten carbon fiber cufflinks!

So what are you waiting for? Just in time for the busy summer months, and the most popular time for weddings, Tungsten World has got all your tungsten carbide needs covered.

For more info on the latest and greatest from Tungsten World, have a look at our press release here:


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