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St. Patrick’s Day: Separating the Myths from the Facts

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


We’re all a bit Irish one day every year. On March 17, people across the US and Ireland will don green, wear shamrocks and celebrate the feast of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Always a day of great joy and good fun, there are stories abound regarding the legend of St. Patrick. And as with all great legends, somethings are true and others… well, let’s just say the facts have been stretched a bit.

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday with a rundown of the facts and myths told regarding St. Patrick:

MYTH: St. Patrick was Irish

Actually, St. Patrick was from Britain. He was taken as a slave from his homeland to Ireland. While tending sheep in his new country, Patrick converted to Christianity. After years in servitude, Patrick had a dream calling him to escape his captors and spread the Gospel to the Celtic people of the region. Although he wasn’t Irish, and evangelizing the people of Ireland was tough work, after his death, the legend of Patrick grew throughout Ireland – which remains a deeply Christian country to date. He would later be considered an honorary Irishman, as he was named the patron saint of the island in the century following his death.

FACT: St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach the Celts

It’s true. The three-leafed clover helped Patrick teach the Celtic and Gaelic peoples about the Holy Trinity. Botanists agree the clover that still dominates much of Ireland and Europe was around in the days of Patrick and very well could have been used by the saint.

MYTH: St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland

Sadly, this is only a myth. While there were no snakes in Ireland after St. Patrick, there were likely none there before him. The small island surrounded by icy waters has never had a snake problem and likely this more a metaphor relating to Patrick’s driving out of the devil (commonly depicted as a serpent) and converting all of Ireland.

MYTH: St. Patrick wore green

If you’re daring enough to not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you might be risking a bit of a pinching from your friends and family. Many people think we wear green because the saint himself did so. In fact, Patrick likely wore blue according to scholars. Green was adopted due to Ireland being known as the “Emerald Isle.” Irish-Americans adopted this color to celebrate their patron saint’s feast day in remembrance of their home.

FACT: We’re all a bit lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

100% true! Save $35 on our celtic wedding rings with authentic celtic and gaelic laser designs or any ring on our site by using the code at check out: QUALITY35.



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New Year’s Resolutions

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

New Year's Promotion

Happy New Year to all from Tungsten World! It’s now the day after New Year’s, all the champagne has been finished, the balloons and streamers put away and for most of us, the holidays have come to a close. As the second day of a new year, January 2nd is one of the most popular days for either starting or breaking a New Year’s resolution. Will you be as strong as tungsten and hold firm to your goals for the new year? Whether it’s your second go around with the same resolution from last year or you’ve been on a roll crossing off resolutions year after year, we can all relate with some of the more popular resolutions made each New Year’s Eve. Here’s a list of some of the more popular resolutions, maybe even a few we are working on around here:

Treadmill Running

Work Out Everyday – Everyone knows the gym is packed today. New memberships must be sky high on the day after New Year’s and understandably so. But every year the crowd seems to thin out and there’s an extra treadmill or two come March and April. If this is you, you’re not alone. You probably even have a close friend in the same boat, get them to push you and vice versa. The gym is always better with a friend anyways and you’re less likely to drop out when someone’s sweating it out with you.

Lose weight/Diet – This sometimes goes hand and hand with the gym, but maybe you just want to eat better. Whether its a few pounds or a lot, it’s never easy. There’s still holiday food circling the office here, so we know its tough. Maybe its time to put those sweets away now that the family is gone and get back to more veggies and green stuff. We’re right behind you… just one last cookie though first.

One Last Cookie

Quit Smoking – Another tough one and probably the most common resolution behind losing weight. No tips for this one, you just got to go for it. And if you quitting smoking and resolving to go to the gym more, not smoking can only help your treadmill times, right?

Any others? What resolutions do you have this New Year? And are you still keeping to them? It’s never to late to get a resolution and it’s still too early to quit! Happy New Year and here’s to all your resolutions!


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Google+ Review Sweepstakes!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

It’s that time of year again! If you’ve ordered from us before, head on over to our Google+ page and write a review on your experience with us. This will automatically put you in the sweepstakes to win a free tungsten watch, valued at $530! Click the picture to go straight to our Google+ page.


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Christmas Daily Deals Week: Tuesday

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Christmas Daily Deals Week Tuesday

5 glorious days of Christmas! Each day this week, we’ll be giving a special discount on a featured product! All of our jewelry are perfect for stocking stuffing, so be sure to order yours soon to receive free shipping as well!

Tuesday: Structure bracelet!
Retails for: $175
Our price: $99
Daily Deal Special: $59

One day only! Check back tomorrow for the next daily deal special.


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Win A Free Tungsten Watch!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Tungsten World's Google+ Review Watch Sweepstakes

We’re giving away one tungsten watch, priced at $530! All you have to do is go to Tungsten World‘s Google+ page and leave a review. It’s that simple! Click here to jump over.


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We’ve Got a Winner!

Monday, July 9th, 2012

At Tungsten World, we’re always looking for feedback from customers regarding the tungsten wedding bands they’ve purchased and our service. As a thank you, each quarter we randomly select one customer’s review from the many hundreds we receive throughout the three months to be our review of the quarter. Winners receive a stunning tungsten carbide watch with swiss quartz movement, and we’ve just had another winner!

Congratulations go out to Tim in South Carolina. We numbered all the reviews received from April through the end of June, and Tim’s was selected by a random-number generator. As our “Review Your Tungsten Ring Contest” winner, we’re sending Tim the tungsten watch below:

Tungsten Watch with Swiss Quartz Movement

Tungsten World wants to thank all the customers that sent in reviews, your comments help us keep our tungsten rings and customer service at the absolute best year in and year out and even help other customers decide the best ring for them with all your great advice. So thank you, and thank you, Tim. Below is the winning review Tim sent in:

I have had this ring for the past almost 3 1/2 years. This is actually the second ring I have had. The first ring i received was Thor. Which, by the way, is an awesome ring. I loved that one as well. The reason I switched to the Infinity was after about eight months I lost a considerable amount of weight and my first ring was falling off constantly. (Side note, return policy is awesome and super easy to use!) When I switched to the Infinity ring I loved it the second it came out of the box. Still love it and all this time later it still looks just as nice and shiny as the first day i received it. I don’t take it off to do outside work either. One afternoon I had to carry some cinder blocks across the yard not thinking about it I picked up the first set of blocks (one in each hand). As the full weight of the blocks was pressing into my hands I felt what can only be described as a digging gash into my ring. Scared to look at it at that point i carried the blocks expecting to be very upset when i put them down. Upon setting the blocks down and looking to my ring to see how bad the damage was. I was amazed to see nothing! not one scuff let alone scratch. These rings are super tuff! Not once have i had a regret with this company or this ring! In fact I have referred three of my friends to Tungsten World and all of them have bought their wedding rings from here and they all love theirs as well.


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Saving $150 on Your Tungsten Wedding Band is as Easy as “Pin-it to Win-it”

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

It’s contest time!

Just in time for the coming wedding season, Tungsten World is launching a “Pin-it to Win-it” Pinterest contest via, Tungsten World’s Pinterest page and Facebook. Contestants have a chance to win prizes including a $150 gift card simply for sharing their favorite tungsten rings with their friends. Winners will be announced at the end of June, and the contest is simple and free to enter:

1. Follow Tungsten World on Pinterest:

2. Create a board titled “Tungsten Wedding Bands” and post the contest image(below)

3. Pin 3 of your favorite tungsten ring styles from

4. Post your board on Tungsten World’s Facebook:

Tungsten World Pinterest Contest

The contestant with the most comments+likes+repins will win a $150 Tungsten World gift card. Second place wins a $50 gift card, and third place will receive a tungsten heart pendant. All contestants with 15 or more repins will automatically win a tungsten heart pendant.

For more info on the Tungsten World Pinterest contest, see our press release here:

Posted by: , Press Officer


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2,000 Likes of Tungsten World on Facebook: That Was Fast!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Seems like just the other day our Facebook page was approaching the 1,000 “like” barrier, and now we have 2,000 “likes”? Amazing!

It may be the slow season for weddings, but it just goes to show you that tungsten carbide makes a great gift these holidays. Whether it’s tungsten rings for men, tungsten jewelry like bracelets and pendants or tungsten cufflinks, you’ll find something for everyone on your holiday list at And we’re even having great specials all season, including our extended Black Friday Sale going on now!

tungsten wedding bands and rings


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Congratulations to Our Tungsten World Reviews Contest Winner!!!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Congratulations are in order for…..Walter M. in Australia!

His name was drawn from the hundreds of Tungsten World Reviews we received both at our homepage,, and Reseller Ratings. Walter reviewed his INFINITY 8MM Men’s Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Two Grooves. Check out his stellar review from Reseller Ratings below:

“The website was great to use and easy to search through the large range of rings, with real to life photos.
The fitting advice was perfect for the style of ring.
Initially I searched through some local jewellers stores, but purchasing from Tungsten World ended up being easier, faster and cheaper, with the large range and excellent service.
The service couldn’t have been any better and the ring was at my doorstep from the other side of the world (AUS) in under a week!
I picked this online store due to the other reviews about great customer service and also the 45 day fitting policy, but I didnt have to use these as everything was perfect.”
– Walter M.

As the winner of our “Review Your Tungsten Rings, Win a Tungsten Watch” contest, Walter will receive the Swiss Tungsten NAUTICA tungsten watch with black dial, sapphire crystal and Swiss quartz movement. Have a look at the prize below:

Tungsten Carbide Watch

Thank you to Walter for your review, and to everyone that sent in a review and participated in the contest. Your reviews of your tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands help us to better our products and homepage, while continuing to provide you with the highest level of customer service. So, thanks again and congratulations, Walter!

Remember, we’ll be doing these review contests every quarter. The next drawing will be in January. So, if you haven’t already, order your tungsten rings and tungsten jewelry, and get those reviews in for a chance to win!


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NEW!!! Lots of New Tungsten Rings on the Site!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

If you haven’t already, get over to and check out the newest in tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands up on the site! New styles include: two-tone ceramic and tungsten rings, new colors of tungsten carbon fiber rings, black diamond rings, and even an amazing new women’s tungsten ring, the BELLA.

Not to mention, we’ve even added tungsten carbon fiber cufflinks!

So what are you waiting for? Just in time for the busy summer months, and the most popular time for weddings, Tungsten World has got all your tungsten carbide needs covered.

For more info on the latest and greatest from Tungsten World, have a look at our press release here:


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