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NFL Combine: Going for that Ring

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

40-yd dash

Do you remember what you were doing right out of college? Probably weren’t running a sub-5 40-yd dash or bench pressing 250 lbs. But that’s what some future NFL stars were up to this past week in Indianapolis.

Less than a month after the Super Bowl, over 300 former college players came together to participate in six workout drills meant to measure the raw talents and athletic ability they might bring to potential teams that draft them come April. These drills include: the shuttle run, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3-cone drill and, the sometimes dreaded, 40-yard dash.

All eyes were on big names like Manti Te’o, whose 40-yd time was less than stellar and likely cost him a few spots in the draft, Montee Ball of Wisconsin and Geno Smith of West Virginia. Each athlete looked impress potential teams and get their names as high up the draft board as possible. The higher the pick, the more money.

But money aside, what it really all boils down to is getting into the NFL and going for that ring. Baltimore Ravens fans and players know all about it. They held off the 49ers at this year’s Super Bowl and many players will be receiving their first championship ring. If it’s anything like the ones the Ravens picked up in 2000, it’s no wonder these players gut it out to reach their goal and flash the bling of a Super Bowl ring.

Ravens Super Bowl Ring

It just goes to show you, whether it’s championship rings or wedding rings, a man’s ring is important to him and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Whether it’s a championship ring all decked out in diamonds and precious metals or black wedding bands and camo wedding rings, a man’s ring is a status symbol and a point of pride.

Remember, it’s all about the ring. That ring can get your man to do stuff like this:

bench press



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Lent 2013: Don’t Give Up Quality

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

You know what Lent means: Ashes on people’s foreheads, Facebook posts about people giving up meat for their 40 days of fasting, and Filet-O-Fish Fridays at the Golden Arches. We know it’s hard to give up something that you’re used to. During Lent, believers prepare themselves to observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through prayer, penance, and self-denial. Certain luxuries are given up, such as eating a certain food (beef, chicken, pork) or engaging in a certain activity (shopping, playing video games).

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t give up for your lent fasting, it’s quality. For nourishment, the absence of meat makes it much harder to go to your favorite fast food chain. In this case, home cooked meals filled with vegetables and fruits will not only fit within your boundaries, but will also give your body healthy, quality nutrition that it so desperately needs. For fashion, some people give up wearing gold and diamonds, and wear copper and silver-colored jewelry only during lent instead. Although all other precious metals are seen as a step down in value from gold and diamonds, there is no need to think that quality does not exist outside of them. Tungsten carbide jewelry, for instance, presents a startling case for quality among precious metals. Tungsten rings have the durable, scratch resistant shine that most men and women cannot find in more traditional materials. Add in fashionable designs, affordable prices, and Tungsten World’s Lifetime Replacement Program, and you have a recipe for quality that is hard to beat. Need some proof? Exhibit A:

The Centurion: A round, tungsten carbide ring with a masterfully crafted argentium silver inlay inserted in. Simplicity meets complexity, all at a price that beckons curiosity ($399 at, more than $150 cheaper than other retailers). Need more proof? Exhibit B:

The Illusion: An unusual yet finely engraved tungsten ring. Though puzzling in design, the $199 price tag requires no second thought.

Next year, when you start to wonder what to give up for lent, remember what not to deprive yourself of: Quality.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Add Ons To Fit Any Budget

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

With Valentine’s Day and Chistmas in such close proximity of time, the need to budget for both occasions can be quite stressful. Hopefully by the time Valentine’s Day comes around, you’ve spent less than your limit. So, what should you do with the extra cash you had already planned to spend? You can always save it to buy yourself a nice present, like a fashionable money clip for the gentlemen or an elegant pendant necklace for the ladies. But, if you’d rather spend that extra bit of cash on your love, then Tungsten World has the right jewelry for the right price!

Tungsten World offers designer jewelry that will add a touch of class to any gift. They won’t even know that you saved a pretty penny! Most of our jewelry for men and women are under $100, and if you have even less extra cash, we’ve set up a category for all Tungsten World products under $50! Here you’ll find the essentials: bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, earrings, and money clips. All of Tungsten World’s jewelry is made of high quality metals and features unique designs and materials. Take for instance the Isolde: a pendant with one stainless steel heart in front of a rose gold plated filled heart necklace. Hard to believe such a dazzling piece of jewelry costs you less than 50 dollars!

Isolde Rose Gold Plated Heart Pendant

A suggestion for buying him a gift: We like diamonds too! It doesn’t have to be flashy, either! The Beakon CZ Stone Cuff Links are a perfect fit, not only because of its affordable price tag, but also because it goes well with any formal attire for any special occasion.

Beakon CZ diamond square cufflinks

Add that extra gift to show him/her how much you really love them. You’ll love the price while they love you that much more!

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A Case for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Don’t worry ladies, Valentine’s Day will forever be primarily about you. Guys have no problem with that because you deserve all the gifts, flowers and special dinner dates possible. But we must admit, us guys like getting gifts too!

So we’re making the case for Valentine’s Gifts for Men. Sure, flowers might be a bit odd and we’re not much for lingerie… on us at least, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of gift ideas for your man this coming February 14th. So, for the ladies that know it’s just as good to give as it is to receive, here’s our guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for your man:

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit
Shaving Kit
Let’s face it, shaving is a bore. Do we really need razors with flashlights and back scratchers on them though? The classics are always the best and old fashioned shaving kits not only work better but look cooler too. And let’s face it, we like looking good and you like it when we look good, so why not do it in style?

A Classy Dress Watch
Tungsten Watch
Speaking of looking good, a slick dress watch your man can wear for years to come is the gift that just keeps giving. We’re talking about “timepieces” here. Yes, the fancy kind, but there are still deals to be had if you don’t want to sell the house for a Movado or Rolex. (Not to toot our own horn, but we will!) Tungsten watches and stainless steel watches come in the same great looks and styles as many of the more expensive brands and many times are just as durable. Get him a watch like the one above and he’ll never know the difference!

Big Screen TV
The ultimate guy’s Valentine’s Day gift. Simply put, you get him one of these and you win Valentine’s Day. He’ll have to spend the whole year catching up.

And for you guys out there still wondering what to do for your lady… psst look over here!
Valentine's Day Specials


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