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Hi-Fi Weddings: Your Wedding, Your Music

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Many people will agree that music is one of the most important factors when planning for a wedding. The music sets the mood for both the ceremony and the reception, and the transition of events within the two can be either smooth or shaky, depending on how the music is executed.

The good people over at know this all too well, so they’ve compiled a list of songs and mixes to aid you in your search for the perfect songs for your important day. They also provide a very deep vendor’s list, properly categorized in alphabetical order, for everything else related to weddings. Yours truly, Tungsten World, made the list under jewelry!

Orchestra wedding music makes for a traditional, grand entrance.

Or you could go with a more energetic approach and dance your way through the aisle!

In any case, we hope that you find the music and style that fits your wedding. Comment with any videos of noteworthy entrances and first dance songs!



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What Kind of Ring Should a Woman Propose With To a Man?

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Monica proposes to Chandler on the hit TV show Friends

Any casual Friends fan can remember this moment in TV land: Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing, who had been dating for some time, finally tied the knot one fateful season finale after a slew of mishaps and drama hindered Chandler’s original plan to propose. At the end of the two-part episode, Chandler is tricked into believing that Monica has gone away to think about her relationship with him, and instead finds her inside their apartment with dozens of candles lit. Monica gets down on one knee and begins to propose but can’t finish because she gets choked up on her own tears. Chandler gets down with her and says a choked up speech of his own, asks her to marry him, and the crowd goes wild!

But did you notice? Monica didn’t have a ring for Chandler. We can only assume that she didn’t have a ring because she knew he had one (i.e. Joey’s involvement). But what kind of ring would she have proposed with if she didn’t know? Or even better, would she have proposed with a ring at all?

There are some who say a woman should have a diamond engagement ring ready for her groom to be, a ‚Äúmangagement‚Äù ring. Some men are open to the idea of wearing diamond rings, where as others see diamonds (especially on rings) reserved for females. For these men, women may opt to propose with a wedding ring that would be intended for the ceremony’s bands.

Whatever the case maybe, Tungsten World offers exceptional wedding bands for men with and without diamonds. Tungsten rings are quickly becoming a popular choice for men’s wedding bands due to their scratch resistance and affordability. Add laser etched designs and a couple of diamonds, and you have some the most unique wedding rings to choose from!

If your man wants a ring with the works, this is it! The Bismarck features 8 diamond stones inserted throughout the platinum inlay of this gorgeous tungsten ring.

Want to show off your dark side? Or just want to stand out from the crowd? A black tungsten ring will be a sure hit on your fiance’s finger.

A camo ring for your military hero! A laser etched camo design encases this tungsten ring for an amazing look like no other.

One of our many precious metal inlay rings, the Halo features a gold inlay strip highlighted by raised grooves along the ring’s sides.

Or if your man prefers to keep it simple yet classy, the classic Moderno tungsten ring is the one you seek.

Check out Tungsten World for more information on these rings and other available designs!


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Win A Free Tungsten Watch!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Tungsten World's Google+ Review Watch Sweepstakes

We’re giving away one tungsten watch, priced at $530! All you have to do is go to Tungsten World‘s Google+ page and leave a review. It’s that simple! Click here to jump over.


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