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Saving $150 on Your Tungsten Wedding Band is as Easy as “Pin-it to Win-it”

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

It’s contest time!

Just in time for the coming wedding season, Tungsten World is launching a “Pin-it to Win-it” Pinterest contest via, Tungsten World’s Pinterest page and Facebook. Contestants have a chance to win prizes including a $150 gift card simply for sharing their favorite tungsten rings with their friends. Winners will be announced at the end of June, and the contest is simple and free to enter:

1. Follow Tungsten World on Pinterest:

2. Create a board titled “Tungsten Wedding Bands” and post the contest image(below)

3. Pin 3 of your favorite tungsten ring styles from

4. Post your board on Tungsten World’s Facebook:

Tungsten World Pinterest Contest

The contestant with the most comments+likes+repins will win a $150 Tungsten World gift card. Second place wins a $50 gift card, and third place will receive a tungsten heart pendant. All contestants with 15 or more repins will automatically win a tungsten heart pendant.

For more info on the Tungsten World Pinterest contest, see our press release here:

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The Tungsten World Family is Growing

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We definitely enjoyed a much needed day off, but now it is back to work because the wedding season is so close! And is anticipating one of the biggest wedding seasons to date.

With the higher amount of durable wedding bands in tungsten and cobalt chrome going out this summer, we’ve added two new positions at Tungsten World to keep up with the needs of all the future brides and grooms out there. We’re excited to help more people than ever before and to have two great new members of our company. We look forward to them helping out with your questions and giving you the best advice and service when it comes to tungsten wedding bands and cobalt rings.

For more info on our new assistant operations manager and internet marketing assistant, and their duties, have a look at our press release announcing their hiring below:


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The Art of Ring Sizing: Comfort Fit

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Comfort Fit vs. Standard Fit

If you’ve been looking for a tungsten ring on, you’ve likely read all about our 1/2 size drop recommendation for sizing, and might be wondering why you’d want to change your size. But just like getting the perfect pair of shoes, sizing is an art.

Ever tried on a ring that fit but was a pain getting over your knuckle? Or worse a wedding band that’s edges felt like they were cutting into your finger? Likely, you had a standard fit ring. With its flat interior, standard fit rings are used for many traditional style bands and are also the sizing method used at jewelry stores on their large sizing ring.

Now, imagine a durable men’s wedding band that slides over your knuckle with ease and is comfortable on your finger 24 hours a day; that’s a comfort fit sized ring, and the sizing method all tungsten rings come in.

With their rounded interior, the inside of a comfort fit band is like an upside down “U”. When sizing these rings, the correct way to read the size if from the interior’s highest point, or the center of the “U”, which means the edges will taper to a slightly larger size. Because of this, tungsten rings in similar size to comfort fit rings will feel slightly larger than their standard fit equivalent, hence our recommendation to go down a half a size from your standard fit sizing.

Sizing can be difficult because it’s so personal, everyone’s fingers are different and while Tungsten World carries the largest arrays of whole and half sizes online, finding the wedding band that fits just right can be a bit of a struggle. We’re here to give you the best advice for obtaining your comfort fit ring size for your tungsten ring or even cobalt chrome band. But even if your ring doesn’t fit, we’ve still got you covered with our industry-best 45-day Perfect Policy.

Still unsure about your size? Order our FREE ring sizing tool HERE. Women’s Health


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Helping You Decide: Tungsten vs. Titanium

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Lightweight or heavy metal? High polish finish or a bit of a subdued look? Tungsten or titanium?

If you are in the market for durable men’s wedding bands, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions over and over. With so much talk about all the different alternative metals available, you might be swimming in a sea of information and wondering if you can get the answers you are looking for.

Our Resource Pages were created exactly for this reason, and our “vs.” series of info pages on is your one-stop shop for all the tungsten carbide and titanium comparisons you’ll need to pick out the wedding ring that’s right for you:

So if you can’t tell tungsten apart from titanium or just need a bit of help with sizing, don’t forget to take a look at the many topics we’ve compiled HERE!


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Cobalt vs. Tungsten Rings

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Cobalt Ring

Cobalt Ring

Tungsten Ring

Tungsten Ring

With so many durable wedding bands to choose from at, your perfect wedding band is not too far away. But you may be wondering just how cobalt varies from tunsten carbide and vice-versa.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our most popular resource page is one of the first in our “vs.” series: Cobalt vs. Tungsten Rings.

On the page, we take you through all the similarities and differences between these two space-age metals including their hardness, style variation and even differences in coloring. So, if you’re between which durable wedding band to choose, cobalt or tungsten, be sure to check out our resource page today. Once there, you can even learn about the comfort fit sizing of all our rings and get engraving ideas for your new wedding bands.


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