Take the Guessing Out of Sizing and Order Our FREE Ring Sizer

Ok. So you’ve picked out exactly the right style and whether you wanted a 6mm or 8mm men’s durable wedding ring. You’re going with tungsten because you know you’re tough on your hands and you don’t want your ring to scratch. Now, all you need is the size…

Of course, you could go into the local jeweler and have your finger sized, but who has time for that? Your friends have all kinds of theories on how to size your finger: your shoe size is your ring size, trace your finger and measure the width from side to side with a ruler, multiple the diameter by Pi?

Sounds confusing. And what’s worse, you’re likely going to end up with an incorrect sized ring.

Save yourself from these crazy sizing methods and use our ring sizer. Did we mentioned it mailed all around the world absolutely FREE! To get your free ring sizer, fill out your address at the bottom of our Sizing page HERE.

Ring Sizer

Once you’ve received your free ring sizer tool, you’ll slide the zip tie like sizer over your finger, pulling the tool until its snug but not uncomfortable. Marked off with whole and half size, you’ll read your size directly from the sizer while it is on your finger and then place your order for that size through TungstenWorld.com. It’s that easy, and sent right to your home at no charge to you.

Ditch the sizing tips and get the perfect size with no hassle, order our FREE ring sizer today!

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