HYPEBEAST.com, where’Cool Points’ come easy!

If you are like me, or most other typical guys I know, you like to stay current with whatever is’The New Black’ that day/week/month/season. Its hard to stay on top of new styles and trends while balancing everyday life, keepin up with Fantasy Football, makin sure the beer stays cold and all other daily priorities. The long and the short of it is that I’m just not that cool or’in the know’….ya know??!

Along comes Hypebeast! The Uber-cool resource for everything guys need to know, that they probably don’t already know. From showcasing the new hot sneakers, to tips on how to dress up your look, all the way to sports, entertainment, gadgets (oooooh…gadgets!!), and everything else related to a modern man’s lifestyle of today!

There is a little something for everyone there. We hear just going to the site gets you like 3 or 4 Cool Points! Check out their site at www.hypebeast.com! Surf around, get familiar, take some notes, and then act like you knew about it all along!! 😉

Hypebeast on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HYPEBEAST/10862404186

Hybebeast on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hypebeast/



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